NRS 4040-Week 5 Discussion: Capitalism 2

NRS 4040-Week 5 Discussion: Capitalism 2

NRS 4040-Week 5 Discussion: Capitalism 2

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Which aspects of capitalism do you personally appreciate? Which do you find worrisome? What are some of the effects the United States economic system has on society as a whole? Explain.

Week 6 Discussion: Deviance

Study your week 6 materials and then respond to the following questions:

· In your opinion, how widespread is wrongdoing in U.S. society today? Is the problem getting worse?

· Have you downloaded music illegally or cheated on college assignments or tests? Do you feel this is justified? Why or why not?

Week 7 Discussion: Inequality in the U.S.
Inequality in the U.S.

In your view, is the extent of social inequality in the United States helpful or harmful to society as a whole? Explain.

Contrast social mobility in developing and industrialized nations. Do you think the differences will eventually disappear? Why or why not?

Week 8 Discussion: Race & Privilege
Race & Privilege

How often do you think people are privileged because of their race or ethnicity? How about yourself? How often are you privileged?

Week 9 Discussion: Blended Families
Blended Families

Blended families are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. The text asks what this tells our children about the permanence of marriage. What are your thoughts? Of course, there are some obvious benefits to blended families, but there are some disadvantages, as well. Provide some examples of both and share your own thoughts on the increasing number of blended families. What do you believe contributes to the trend?

Week 10 Discussion: Ageism

Describe the problems associated with housing for the aged. When you become elderly where do you want to be housed and why?

Week 11 Discussion: Health Inequalities

Health Inequalities

From the readings and Interactive lesson this week, discuss the following question:

· From a sociological point of view, what might be the greatest challenge to reducing inequities in health care?

Week 12 Discussion: Social Change
Social Change

As we near the end of the course, consider the topics we have covered these past eleven weeks. Why is the study of sociology important? Do you see any connections between changing social norms and the larger, global issues that face us today? We’ve learned about some of the complexities of social structures and interactions. Do you believe the current dynamics of our social reality has made for a better world for our children than that defined by our own parents and grandparents? If so, how? If not, what do you consider to be the most significant social changes to threaten our current way of life?

ORDER NOW FOR AN ORIGINAL PAPER!!! NRS 4040-Week 5 Discussion: Capitalism 2 .  

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