NRS 451VN United Healthcare Organization Research

NRS 451VN United Healthcare Organization Research

NRS 451VN United Healthcare Organization Research

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The United Healthcare Organization is a large not for profit organization. In this paper, described will be the organization and its readiness for the future. The author will prepare a well-developed strategic plan to address issues of network growth, nurse staffing, resource management and patient satisfaction. Current or potential issues in the organizations culture will be clearly identified along with the impact of these on the strategic plan. Presented will be a theory or model that best supports the strategic plan implementation.

United Healthcare Organization

United Healthcare Organization is a not for profit organization based in Minnesota. Its inception was in 1974, as it was called Charter Med Incorporated and was founded by several doctors and others with aspirations that health coverage be expanded for all. In 1977, the name changed to United Healthcare Organization and its founders were doctors Paul Ellwood and Richard Burke (Our History, n.d.). Its mission is to aid persons to have a healthier life and aid health systems perform more efficiently (Mission & Values, n.d.).

Organization’s Overall Readiness

United Healthcare is adequately ready to manage the need for healthcare for people during the next decade by influences of basic capabilities of its existing tools; and the organization optimizes its means to provide care by ways of scientific perceptiveness, and innovative knowledge (Annual Report, 2019). Organization makeup is a group of skilled providers working with people to engage consumers and have beneficial affiliations. United Healthcare is making gains constantly in “healthcare technology” to give the individual the best care in the future (Annual Report, 2019).

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The vast collection of new informative data aids providers in delivery of patient care (Annual Report, 2019). United Healthcare is increasing its system and improving service to modify for individual’s benefit. Standards regarding healthcare are improving service for more patients. Thus, this company should be capable to remain provision of care for people in the coming years by continuing improvements. NRS 451VN United Healthcare Organization Research

Network Growth Plan

With fewer individuals not insured and low amounts of “uncompensated care”, there are decreased specific payments by “Medicare and Medicaid” (Christensen, 2015). These reductions by the government create its own challenge for doctors (Coughlin, et al., 2014). The U.S. healthcare system is changing from “fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement models” (Christensen, 2015). These models focus on value conditional payments and care cost “risk sharing for providers” which has only given, both of which have yielded only limited accomplishment (Christensen, 2015). Bonuses for doctors giving quality are achievable by “enabling profitability to increase as value increases relative to competitors.” (Christensen, 2015). To get growth, United Healthcare is working with over 855,000 professionals to help customers receive health are (Annual Report, 2019). It is also contracting with and acquiring other companies to make outcomes improve by lowering costs (Our History, n.d.).

Nurse Staffing Plan

The organization seems very prepared for the challenge of staffing of nursing to make sure value service is provided to people for the next ten years. The United States will continue to experience a nursing shortage in the coming years (Snavely, 2016). With increasing workloads, the population aging with an increase in managing of chronic care and the “Affordable care Act” results in an increased demand for nurses as there is a lack of number of graduate nurses (Snavely, 2016). Addressing this problem, United Healthcare has a training, mentoring and coaching program for nurses (Center for Clinician, n.d.). This program will enable the company to address increasing patient requirements (Center for Clinician, n.d.). These nurses trained will be making new ways of healthcare delivery to combat the nursing shortage. With required care needs increasing United Healthcare should be ready with well-educated people to supply care (Center for Clinician, n.d.).

Resource Management Plan

Managing a company’s resources is good stewardship. It seems important to have sustained accomplishment and goal attainment pertaining to United Healthcare and its mission. The professionals operate by collaborating, trusting, and sustaining associations to accomplish the organizational goal. Continuing innovative products make sure the company will provide for patient needs in the future. Information security and research leads to professionals having modern data. Increased use of electronic health records makes information security paramount. These protections for patient information will help the company prevent access from illegal use.

Patient Satisfaction Plan

Continually satisfying patients is a concern for United Healthcare for the coming years as well. Customer controlled health programs were initiated to drive down costs, make the company transparent, and improve availability of valuable cost-effective care to consumers. The organization began new programs and creations. One is a new eye care benefit to expectant mothers to improve benefits (United Health Group, n.d.). It also has invested $400 Million to affordable housing to help people have improved health (United Health Group, n.d.)  Stable homes have positive impact on people’s health (Taylor, 2018). This month a pilot program “Health4Me” which is a mobile phone app, where people can earn points on their Walgreens Balance Rewards. People can use the app to track health activities. These innovations will enhance people’s health but also is a good public relations tactic and increases trust in customers. Continuing to create new and different avenues to improve health is indicated.

Cultural Issues Impact on Strategic Plan

An organizations culture has a major effect on business and is felt on all levels. Culture needs examination before strategic planning begins. The author has seen some concerning complaints on the internet from prior employees. One review reflects bullying while the company tries to keep a good public image but in reality, is corrupt (United Health Group, 2017). Accusations of discriminating practices by abusive management is running rampant throughout its entirety (United Health Group, 2017). Communication is lacking and teamwork is quickly sabotaged to save allegiance to leadership. Ads support a work and life balance but actually meets opposition by the impending performance pressure during long workdays (United Health Group, 2017). Managerial support is rare as is autonomy (United Health Group, 2017). Reported discrimination of all kinds including ageism and gender inequality are reportedly commonplace (United Health Group, 2017). The author could go on, but it seems the culture is lacking in many moral aspects.

Model Supporting Strategic Plan

United Healthcare seems to be operating on an open system theory. This theory was fashioned after World War II. “Resources are considered inputs” and are affected by other organizations either by politics, economics or naturally from society (Grand Canyon University, 2018). Survival depends on its affiliation to the surroundings (Grand Canyon University, 2018). This author believes that United Healthcare Corporation needs to adopt “service line organization” theory (Grand Canyon University, 2018). This is where the top of the organization has more central control and the smaller areas are easier to manage without interference (Grand Canyon University, 2018). The focus here is on what the customer wants and not the bottom line which is often profit (Grand Canyon University, 2018). Here with this structure one observes use of evidence-based practice to increase care value with less costs and increase in patient satisfaction (Grand Canyon University, 2018). For success, there should be an annual strategic planning (Grand Canyon University, 2018). Those in charge should exhibit characteristics of value, serve others and collaboration (Grand Canyon University, 2018).


This organization has a lot of positives. It has some internal leadership issues that if addressed and proper planning implemented this organization would be stronger that it already is, which would improve its profitability in the long term and make for a better place of employment.

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