NRS 313 Unit 1 Discussion Board Walden University

NRS 313 Unit 1 Discussion Board Walden University

NRS 313 Unit 1 Discussion Board Walden University

This is a terrific time to meet your fellow classmates, to learn a little bit about them, and for them to learn about you. Please introduce yourself in the Introductory Discussion Board that can be accessed via the Discussion Board link to the left. If you are not sure how to get started, begin by discussing your background and why you are in school. Feel free to mention your proudest accomplishments, and offer advice to others. Say something unique or fun about yourself!


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You may upload a picture by clicking “Post File” when you respond to the Discussion Board. Images in JPEG form work well, but the Discussion Board will accept other formats, too.

Get started today. For purposes of your attendance, please post your introduction into this discussion by Thursday.

You are encouraged to participate in this thread throughout the term

Introduction Discussion Board

My name is Declan Chukwudi Onyekwere. My friends and those close to me usually call me Chucks. I am a registered nurse (RN) with over three years of experience in clinical settings in the United States. As I look forward to learning and becoming a better and more experienced practitioner, I am excited to be part of this class. My proudest moment remains my efforts that have made it possible to enroll in this program to improve my nursing skills and competencies. Hard work is crucial for nursing professionals, and I hope the same zeal will be instrumental in my academic success.

The attainment of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) will be my greatest moment since it will open a new page in my life by providing more opportunities to be an accomplished healthcare provider. This will enable me to influence the nursing practice and healthcare delivery positively, which nurses accomplish through clinical expertise, evidence-based practice, research, and advocacy, among other efforts (Jolley, 2020). I am in this school not just to attain the BSN but also to form and nurture long-term relationships and interactions that will allow me to specialize in a particular nursing specialty, especially as a family nurse practitioner or psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP). Specialization will allow me to offer better services to patients with different mental health issues.

As we study, establish relationships, and improve each other’s knowledge, I believe that all of us are here to excel and attain more qualifications after the BSN degree. My general advice is that we remain focused on the ultimate goal and help each other where possible to attain this crucial degree. What is unique or fun about me is that I like diversity, creativity, and divergent views and having little tickle moments where we share jokes, albeit in a pragmatic manner, to attain our goals. I believe that each has an opportunity to explore and discover who they are and nurture critical values like honesty, integrity, and building trusting relationships with others, which are essential for ethical practice in mental health care (Groot et al., 2022). I am confident that we shall all attain better grades in the class. The course outline has many areas, but I look forward to learning more about inter-professional collaboration and its impact on quality care delivery, where all providers work together for the common good of patients (Dahlke et al., 2020). I would like to learn more about its essentials and implementation for better health outcomes, such as patient-centered care and team-driven practice.


Dahlke, S., Hunter, K. F., Kalogirou, M. R., Negrin, K., Fox, M., & Wagg, A. (2020). Perspectives about interprofessional collaboration and patient-centred care. Canadian Journal on Aging/La Revue Canadienne Du Vieillissement39(3), 443-455.

Groot, B., Haveman, A., & Abma, T. (2022). Relational, ethically sound co-production in mental

health care research: Epistemic injustice and the need for an ethics of care. Critical Public Health, 32(2), 230-240.

Jolley, J. (2020). Introducing research and evidence-based practice for nursing and healthcare

             professionals. Routledge.

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