NURS 6052-Discussion: Obstetric clinic

NURS 6052-Discussion: Obstetric clinic

NURS 6052-Discussion: Obstetric clinic

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Rose is a 25-year-old American Indian who is in the obstetric clinic for the first time. She thinks she is two months pregnant. She is married to Shane, who is white. She runs a home-based business, and her husband teaches music in the local schools. Her parents live nearby, and she voices reluctance at being at this clinic today. She says that her husband does not believe in the “medicine woman” of her tribe nor the herbs this woman gave her to improve her chances of becoming pregnant and wants her to get “good care.”

She states that her last menstrual period began on April 12. She also complains shyly of severe vaginal bleeding itching that started the day before yesterday

At a later visit, Rosie is excited because she felt the baby move the previous day. She is wondering about a yellowish discharge from her nipples and happy that nausea has subsided. She is very concerned because ” every time I brush my teeth, my gums bleed; I don’t understand it. I take care of my teeth”.

1. Create a PowerPoint depicting the calculation of her expected date of confinement (EDC) according to Nagele’s rule

2. How do you determine Rosie’s gestational age?

3. What signs confirm gestational age at this time?

4. What cultural considerations should you keep in mind? if any?

5. Rosie is now in what stage of her pregnancy/ support your answer

6. What would you tell Rosie about her bleeding gums?

7. What other things would you assess at this visit?

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ORDER NOW FOR AN ORIGINAL PAPER!!! NURS 6052-Discussion: Obstetric clinic .  

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